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Early Blood Turnip Beet

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Early Blood Turnip Beet MiniPak 25 seeds
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One of the oldest varieties still cultivated, Early Blood Turnip is named for the thick red juice the beet exudes when cooked. A popular variety because it grows well in many climates and is excellent for winter storage, keeping well for more than 8 months in a root cellar. The leaves are superb as a cooked green and the beet itself is tender, flavourful and very juicy.


As soon as soil is warm, plant seeds about 1/2" deep and 2" apart (rows about 20 inches apart). Thin to 5" apart and eat the pulled greens or compost them. Keep the soil moist, do not let it dry out, this will cause roots to become stunted and tough. For longer harvest, plant at 3 week intervals.

Early Blood Turnip Beet

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